Tuesday was a day spent well! Finally after a week, Jieno and I had a beautiful and lovely day together.

• We were supposed to buy a gift for my friend but we decided to reschedule it, and eat late lunch instead. One thing I love about us is that we love food so much we always end up broke, no regrets though.

• We ate at Pepper sizzling steak in Robinsons tagaytay and went to Starbucks after. The weather was so moody and it made me feel tired the whole day.

• “Honey glazed donut from Krispy Kreme is more scrumptious than Starbucks donut” - Jieno

but I can’t find the difference, Starbucks donuts are just bigger, we also talked about getting our own Starbucks card soon.

• Saw some schoolmates from my high school and I really feel so old now. Jieno also accompanied me in buying my new Iphone case, I felt that my phone feels naked and fragile so I bought it a new case, lol.

• Topics related to my boyfriend’s college plans never leaves us. I left tagaytay around 4pm and finally I’m with my bed now! It sucks that Jieno is not here beside me.

• Unfortunately it’s the last day of my long weekend and I still have a lot of schoolwork to do, but here I am procrastinating and for sure, cram later.

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