Truth Thursday: I have learned

I have learned that saying “No” when you know you cant, or you don’t want to do something is okay. People must know my stand to different things as well as I am to them. Sometimes “No” doesn’t mean turning other people down, it’s always more than that.

I have learned that leaving unimportant/insignificant things behind is a must. These things has no worth and will only clutter my house, my room and my mind. I have been struggling to leave all the anger, insecurities and the unwanted memories I was holding for a very long time but everyday I am trying and I can see my progress. These things are never meant to stay anyways. 

I have learned that college changed me. My college friends changed me. The environment changed me. The news changed me. The Reality changed me. I, myself, changed me. I will go through changes as long as I grow and live.

I have learned that even though I am not so religious person, I never forget Him. I still communicate and believe things about Him. To be honest, my relationship with my boyfriend helped a lot in so many ways. And even though we’ve never been together in a church for a very long time, my boyfriend and I still do little things to communicate like praying. - still better than nothing.

I have learned how to wait even though it will take a year or more, if it will benefit and help everyone around me. I am willing to wait.

I have learned that my mind changes like a light switch and it’s not good.. Never will.

Finally! Yesterday was my last day in school and I was eager the whole day to go home and sleep for hours. The past 2 days was really great for me. Rovi and I (my partner in introfad class) were so happy that we pull off the theme we decided to make for our finals. We made 2 barbie size gowns and got a 95 for it! I was also amazed by what my other block mates did, they’re so creative! Also yesterday was the opening of my hartds exhibit and got a 3.5 and so far my grades are good. 

  • Vacation is not yet sinking in but I am really happy.
  • My boyfriend visited me here at my parents house and we ate lunch together, he left around 2 pm and I miss him already. Anyway, we are planning a date after holy week, so patience Julia.
  • I slept for an hour and woke up without anyone at home but me, thankfully they left 2 bananacues and a  coffee for me!
  • I’m planning to read again, It sucks that I’m not really good at English, hehe…. Reading books has been my way to learn and widen my vocabulary since I entered college. 
  • And of course, a selfie to ruin someone’s day.

"We cleave our way through the mountains until the interstate dips into a wide basin brimming with blue sky, broken by dusty roads and rocky saddles strung out along the southern horizon. This is our first real glimpse of the famous big-sky country to come, and I couldn’t care less. For all its grandeur, the landscape does not move me. And why should it? The sky may be big, it may be blue and limitless and full of promise, but it’s also really far away. Really, it’s just an illusion. I’ve been wasting my time. We’ve all been wasting our time. What good is all this grandeur if it’s impermanent, what good all of this promise if it’s only fleeting? Who wants to live in a world where suffering is the only thing that lasts, a place where every single thing that ever meant the world to you can be stripped away in an instant? And it will be stripped away, so don’t fool yourself. If you’re lucky, your life will erode slowly with the ruinous effects of time or recede like the glaciers that carved this land, and you will be left alone to sift through the detritus. If you are unlucky, your world will be snatched out from beneath you like a rug, and you’ll be left with nowhere to stand and nothing to stand on. Either way, you’re screwed. So why bother? Why grunt and sweat and weep your way through the myriad obstacles, why love, dream, care, when you’re only inviting disaster? I’m done answering the call of whippoorwills, the call of smiling faces and fireplaces and cozy rooms. You won’t find me building any more nests among the rose blooms. Too many thorns." - Jonathan Evison

The Sunday Currently

READING my twitter feed to keep myself updated from what’s happening to my friends. To be honest, twitter is the only way of communicating with my hs buddies.

WRITING this sunday currently and 2 more blog post will be on queue. The term will be over soon and even though vacation is near, I know I will still be busy for days having my time outside internet. 

LISTENING to random playlist on Spotify, I downloaded it right after I heard that it is already available.  

THINKING about school. I already gave up revising my computer graphics project because it made me very frustrated for a long period of time. I rather paint and render something than use illustrator. I suck at things I don’t like handling.

SMELLING misu soup that I made few minutes ago. I am currently making a barbie size gown for my introfad finals since 11 am and I’m still working on the aztec designs that I’ll be sewing in my gown.

WISHING for a great 1 month break from stress

HOPING to see my boyfriend on tuesday. I really miss him already; Everyday that we are not together.

WEARING casual clothes

LOVING Hannibal. It’s a new tv series I’m currently watching! My college friend told me about it weeks ago and I decided to watch it  by myself. It’s kinda ghastly but AHS is still more gruesome. I just realize that I’m not really a fan of romantic, drama or comedy series unless it’s a cartoon and I’m more fond in watching horror, sci-fi and crime tv series.. Am I weird?

WANTING the pants I ordered few weeks ago from Thetrendeater. One ragbone and high waist skinny jeans! I think pants has been the most important part of my closet next to my black dresses. Lol

NEEDING a best friend that will always be present when I need her. Someone that I can rely or talk to when I’m having issues with my boyfriend or other stuff. Hehehehe

FEELING confuse, happy, stress and sad at the same time. I’m quite  B I P O L A R these past few days. I’m still very thankful that angelus (my brother) kept me happy even though school is stressing me. As a thank you gift I bought him balloons because it’s his favourite. 

Happy Sunday everyone and I hope all of you are having a nice slash wonderful day like I do… (quite) 


Only a week left and I’m already free from workloads! I’ve been busy these past few days because of project revisal and deadlines and unfortunately I never got any free time to visit tumblr. Anyway, I’m still very happy that even  though this week has been so crazy, all my hard work are paying off. Before the midterm ended, my hartdes professor announced that our final project will be part of an exhibit in my school that’s going to happen on the final weeks of the term. 

  • Last tuesday, me and my block mates already set up our artworks at SDA. We got the chance to roam around a bit and check other students/courses exhibits near ours. From photographs, graphics, sculptures and to paintings, everything I saw was wonderfully made!
  • This is also the second time that I participated in an exhibit and I was so stoked that after I set up my recolor painting, I immediately showed it to my father via Facebook and for the first time in forever! he told me that he’s very proud of me and I should continue and collect my artworks, So that one day, I can plan my own exhibit.
  • Also, I can’t wait to finish my computer graphics project because it’s going to be part of an exhibit too. (These participations are going straight to my resume. Lol)
  • Went to Agenda near Pedro Gil with my Sister and some friends. We played beer pong for hours and we were planning to do this again on the last day of my term.
  • Practicing my adobe skills and frustrations are kicking in again! 
  • My family’s kasambahay cleaned our garden last week. She wrote I LOVE YOU using small white stones. How creative and sweet right?
  • Started my so called “vacation” already and I’ve been swimming on my free time.
  • Went to my high school friend’s pool party around 6 pm yesterday and went home at 12 am. I spent most of my time eating Letson and my friend gave me a small cake before going home. Yassss..

Happy thursday everyone!

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